What’s Trending in Hair Colour for Fall 2017


Fall is a great time for updating your hair colour. The leaves are changing color, the weather is getting cooler and it’s time to try out a new and updated look – your wardrobe, your home decor and of course, your hair.

Before you schedule your next hair colour appointment, it’s a great idea to check out what the trends are for the current season. This fall, hair trends are all about trying out bolder hues and experimenting in new and fun ways.

Whether you select pumpkin spice tones, vibrant colors or lowlights in your next appointment at our Bethesda salon, your hair is going to look great with any of these fall hair colour trends.

Fall 2017 Hair Colour Trends in Bethesda, MD

1. Classic autumn colors

From pumpkin spice lattes to changing leaves, classic autumn colors are warm and inviting and look great in hair. These warm tones are versatile and can fit into any natural colour or current hair colour, or you can fully change your hair colour to one of the wonderful autumn tones. From burnt orange to strawberry blonde, the hair colour spectrum on trend this fall is meant to be experimented with at our Bethesda hair salon.

2. Going darker

Whether you want to progressively go darker, go fully dark or simply add lowlights to your current tone, all of these choices are on point for hair colour this fall. When you’re ready for a bold new look but want to remain sophisticated, going darker is a great way to go. It perfectly complements the darkening clothing trends for fall and winter, and it can be fun to experiment with bright, bold clothing and makeup to contrast your darker hair tones.

3. Cool, modern tones

As you’ve seen many celebrities experiment with lately, cool hair colours are in this fall. Whether it’s a silver, dark gray or a blue or purple undertones in your colour, you’re going to love the look of cool, modern hair colour tones this fall. Add one or multiple cool tones to fully coat your locks, or just add them in here and there to complement your current style, to start. Whether you’re ready for a complete change or a progressive change, cool, modern tones are a great trending fall style and a great choice for your new hair colour.

4. Ombre

Is ombre hair ever not in trend? No, not yet. Ombre is still trending in hair style this fall, and it’s a great way to add additional fall colour without taking the full plunge to a full new hair colour. If you haven’t experimented with ombre styling yet, now is the time.

You can add the ombre style as extensions or directly add colour to your hair. Whether you’re a brunette wanting to add progressively darker tones or colorful autumn hues to the ends of your hair or a blonde ready to try a bold new color, ombre is a great choice for hair colouring this fall.

5. Vibrant colors

It’s time to have fun with your hair. This fall, vibrant colors are so in. Bright reds, oranges, purples, greens, blues – you name it. Bright, bold colors are on trend, and the sky’s the limit! Vibrant colors are great way to show your unique personality through your hair. Go permanent or semi-permanent, it’s up to you. It’s all about experimenting with chic bright colors in a fun and fashionable way. What’s the one color you’ve always wanted to add into your hair, but never did (out of fear)? This fall, it’s time to make the jump. You’ll always have fun with a vibrant new hair colour this fall.

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