8 Trendy Hair Cut and Style Trends for Summer 2018

Trendy Hair Styles - 2018

Are you in need of a hair cut and style, and you’re ready for a new look? If you’re tired of getting the same cut and style, there are so many fun options on trend this summer that will wow your friends and family. Whether you typically keep your hair long and want to cut […]

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Why David’s Beautiful People Is the Go-To Hair Salon Near You

David's Beautiful People Hair Salon

Are you searching for a hair salon near me that you can go to regularly? Maybe you’re tired of getting a cheap hair cut and are looking for a full-service hair salon that is trusted by people all across Bethesda and the surrounding areas. When you’re looking for a hair salon near me that will […]

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Why Evolve Volumizer Is the Perfect Alternative Hair Method for Fine Hair or Hair Loss

Evolve Volumizer for Fine Hair or Hair Loss

Do you have fine or thinning hair? Are you suffering from hair loss? Whether you have a medical condition that’s taken a toll on your hair or you have naturally thin hair, you don’t have to live with it that way. There is an alternative: Evolve Volumizer at David’s Beautiful People in North Bethesda. This […]

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What Hair Extensions Are Available for Me at David’s?

hair extensions

Do you have short hair, and you’re interested in making a temporary change? Maybe you’re looking into hair extensions for a special occasion, or you want to test them out for a new look. Whatever reason you’re looking for hair extensions near me, you’ll be pleased to find a number of options to suit your […]

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What Hair Colouring Is Right for Me?

hair colour

Are you ready to get a fresh cut and colour at your next hair appointment? Feeling like it’s time to give your look an update? Ready to cut your long hair for the warm weather and get a new, bold look? When you’re ready to choose a new colour for your hair, it can be […]

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6 Premier Bridal Salon Services We Offer for Your Spring Wedding


Are you getting hitched to your honey this spring? Do you have everything you need for you and your bridal party’s hair, makeup, nails and beyond? Getting married can be a very stressful time for the bride. There is so much planning that she and her team has to do, and it never seems to […]

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9 Trendy Spring Hair Cut & Style Services at Bethesda’s David’s Beautiful People


Are you bored with your current hairstyle? Are you due for a hair cut, and are you ready to get a new hair style? In 2018, we’re seeing a wide range of styles and cuts, and spring is a great time to try out a new look. We’ve seen many styles and cuts go in […]

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What’s Trending in Hair Colour for Fall 2017

Fall is a great time for updating your hair colour. The leaves are changing color, the weather is getting cooler and it’s time to try out a new and updated look – your wardrobe, your home decor and of course, your hair. Before you schedule your next hair colour appointment, it’s a great idea to […]

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Hair Cut and Style Trends for Fall 2017

Are you ready to change your hair cut and style, this fall? Our stylists at David’s Beautiful People of Bethesda, MD are ready to transform your hair however you may like.

Is it time to make a transition to a bold, new look or make small tweaks on your current cut and style?

This fall, your hair’s cut and style is something to be experimented with. Whether you are feeling a retro cut, you are ready to cut it all off, or you want a cut and style that is versatile for your ever-changing look, it’s time to get trendy this fall.

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